Structurals Suppliers In India

Structurals Suppliers In India

Structurals Suppliers In India


Structural Steel is available in a variety of standard sizes. You’ll find the dimensions for those sizes in our handy tables below, grouped by structural shape. In addition, there is helpful information on the applicable standards and other basics is generally referred to it by its profile (for example “I-Beams”) and its size. Sizes are determined by standards which are described in the sections for each shape below. One goal of Structural Steel that goes to determining the shape is that it has high second moments of area, which make them very stiff with respect to their cross-sectional area. This makes them strong relative to the amount of material and weight that must be used in their construction.

Krishna Steel & Alloys are Structurals Suppliers In India. One of our popular products is Structurals. We supply various types of structurals.
We are as one of the  Structurals Suppliers In India supply various types of steel construction materials, structural steel like MS rounds, MS angle, MS channel, MS flat bars, bright bars and window sections. Our steel construction materials and structural steel profiles are formed in different shapes, cross-sections, chemical compositions and dimensions and all our profiles conform to various Indian and international quality standards for strength, tolerance requirements, corrosion resistance and other properties.

The specifications like shapes, sizes, compositions etc. are regulated according to ASTM, BS, BIS etc. Empowered with high-end manufacturing facilities and a team of highly experienced engineers, we manufacture complex and intricate structural steel profiles that may be large or very small in size. Although the shapes and sizes are kept standardized, a number of Structurals Suppliers In India as per the requirements of various industries.
 Krishna Steel and Alloys are as Structurals Suppliers In India supplies Parallel Flange Beams & Columns. These sections are cost-effective through savings in steel consumption and provide ultimate design flexibility to the structural designers.
These beams have standard nominal depth, with different flange and web thicknesses. This helps customers to choose from more options in terms of unit weights and sectional properties. In fact, JSL’s beams are the most sought after by structural engineers, architects and construction companies globally.
Structurals Suppliers In India as per various Indian & International standards, these sections are superior in terms of strength, efficiency, higher axial and bending load-bearing capacities, workability and economy vis-à-vis conventional tapered flange beams. These Parallel Flange Beams & Columns enable complex fabrications in high volumes due to inherent functional advantages. When used under bending load, steel savings of up to 10-25% are achieved, as beams of lower sectional weight can be used.
We specialize in supplying superior quality steel beams and known as one of the leading and prominent Structurals Suppliers In India in a variety of different shapes and sizes. These beams are supplied with close dimensional tolerance and desired mechanical properties. Built to the International standards, our beams are primarily used in commercial & residential building structures and warehouses.
2. Rounds:
 We supply steel rounds in different material specifications and structurals including mild steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. These rounds can be supplied in rolled, flanneled or standard specifications in different dimensions. Our range of steel rounds finds varied applications in Ordinances Factories, Railways, Automotive, Structural Engineering and more.
 We are reputed supplier of MS angles comprising of different sizes and structures. Our MS angles are popular in the midst of various industries for their high degree of accuracy. We supply various types of structurals and mild steel angles by the use of hundred per cent steel as a consequence we are a reputed steel angles supplier. Also with our timely supply of mild steel angles, most of the customers turn to us and regularly place large demands that have helped us to emerge one of the highly acclaimed steel angles suppliers in India.


A: Impact test not required, semi-killed/killed

BR: Impact test-optional; if required at room temperature; semi-killed/killed

B0: Impact test mandatory at 0°C, semi-killed/ killed

C: Impact test mandatory at –20°C, killed


ASTM A992: 50,000 – 65,000 psi (340-450 MPa)


• Durability

• Corrosion resistance

• Dimensional accuracy

• High strength

• Excellent finish

Krishna Steel & Alloys are also Carbon steel flange manufacturer in India, Stainless steel flange manufacturer in India, IBR pipe suppliers in India, Duplex steel fitting manufacturer in India.