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Hastelloy C-22, Hastelloy C-276, Hastelloy C-2000


Seamless / Erw / Welded/ Fabricated


Krishna Steel & Alloys are one of the leading Hastelloy Fitting Manufacturer in India, Many nickel-based steel amalgams display high protection from erosion, and Hastelloy is truly outstanding. Notwithstanding exceptional protection from all ways of pitting and breaking, parts produced using Hastelloy Fitting Manufacturer in India metal mixes will, in general, discover great use over a wide scope of synthetic applications that may somehow or another oxidize the metal. leading Hastelloy Fitting Manufacturer in India uses Extra components, for example, molybdenum and chromium balance the profile of a combination that is broadly viewed as one of the world’s hardest.


Hastelloy Fitting Manufacturer in India get Hastelloy steel in an assortment of structures here, from shape rings, rings, enormous larger than usual rings, centers, ribs, shafts, and other open passes on fashioned items. Regardless of the shape, Hastelloy metal displays favorable circumstances, for example, high-temperature quality in vacuums and environments that are artificially inactive. More so than some other Ni-Cr-Mo amalgam, Hastelloy Fitting Manufacturer in India metal has become the steel of decision for erosion obstruction and flexibility.

Here at Krishna Steel & Alloys, is as a Hastelloy Fitting Manufacturer in India has a team of affirmed engineers offer nothing not exactly all-out aptitude in the liquefying and framing of this amazing steel. Krishna Steel & Alloy’s values offering a far more extensive scope of the claim to fame steels than any other individual in the business, which might be one reason such a significant number of industry-driving machine shops come here for close-resilience parts made rapidly and modestly. The straightforward certainty is that no one improves.

Krishna Steel & Alloys is the biggest Hastelloy Fittings manufacturers in INDIA. we have following most recent robotized machines to fabricate Hastelloy Pipe Fittings: Induction Elbow Making Machines, Bulge Forming Machine, Pipe Bending Machine, Elbow Cold Forming Machine, Induction Elbow Machine, Hydraulic Pressing Machine, Elbow, and Pipe Bending Machine, Beveling Machine, dairy and sanitary fitting, Hastelloy Fittings manufacturers in INDIA which is utilized for pipe bending, pipe fitting press forming, metal sheet stretching and pulling.

In the event that Hastelloy Fitting Manufacturer in India are searching for incredible steels and would prefer not to shunt the materials to another shop for completing, you have gone to the opportune spot. Krishna Steel & Alloys offers various warm medicines and other completing procedures, and the work consistently incorporates customary correspondence with you, the customer from Hastelloy Fitting Manufacturer in India. We are also known as a Stainless steel flange manufacturer. On the off chance that you despite everything have questions or need to submit a request today, at


Hastelloy ERW Pipe

This range is used in :

• Petrochemicals Plants

• Oil Refineries

• Fertilizers Plants

• Sugar Mills

• Chemical Plants

• Pharmaceuticals

• Textile Machinery